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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I have to pay a deposit?

Our deposits are based on your credit status. If a deposit is required, it may be refunded after twelve consecutive monthly statements are paid by their due date.

How much will it cost to have utilities turned on?

You will be billed a non-refundable connection fee of $25 on your first bill. Our deposits vary according to the type of service (residential, commercial, industrial) and individual credit status. Deposits for residential (minimum $150), commercial (average 2 months bill or minimum $200), industrial (will need to speak to a Customer Service Representative)

How long will it take to have utilities turned on?

We do not provide same-day service on existing residences however usually your services can be turned on the next business day as long as the request is made before 4pm. However it is recommended that the request be made several days in advance.

Why do I have a $30 fee on my account?

If your account shows up on the disconnect list, by failure to either meet a payment arrangement or pay by a disconnection date, your account is charged a $30 fee.

Do I have to come to ElectriCities to pay my bill?

ElectriCities is located at 11316 Sam Furr Rd Huntersville. However, several convenient options are available for bill payment including: paying online, using the automated phone payments by calling 704-948-0550 and pressing option 1, establishing monthly bank draft by completing the form found on our “Establish Service” section of our website and payment drop boxes located at Town of Huntersville and Town of Cornelius town hall.

Can I change my due date?

All accounts are setup by regions and then divided into billing cycles. Your due date is determined by your region and billing cycle and unfortunately cannot be changed.

Why is my bill so high?

Your bill is primarily driven by weather temperatures (cold or hot) and the setting of your thermostat. There are other contributing factors that may cause your utility bill to increase such as a hot water heater that may not be working properly, various equipment in the home (ex life support or breathing machines), and other. Please contact our office to speak to a Customer Service Representative if you have questions.

How can I save money on my utility bill?

Visit the Tips & Resources section of our website to find rebate information and to learn how to reduce usage and save money on your electric bill.

Do you offer discounts for seniors or the disabled?

We do not offer any discounts as you are only billed for the electricity that you use.