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Renewable Energy Resources

Interconnecting Renewable Energy Generating (“REG”) System

Please read our Solar PV Fact Sheet to give you an overview of our REG offerings and contact us so we may review our interconnection standards with you.

We offer a Buy All/Sell All option with a specific metering configuration.

Our rate options can be found on our Rates website page found under the Tips, Resources and Rates tab.

Regulatory Requirements

  • FERC Form 556 application – not required when less than 1MW.
  • NCUC Notification  – See NCUC Rule R8-64 (b)(1) and Rule R8-65.
  • NCUC Registration – See NCUC Rule R8-66 if RECs are to be sold to entity other than NCGP ( If selling REC to NC GreenPower file application with NC GreenPower for credits. NCGP is the easiest, more cost effective mechanism for RECs in NC for solar PV and wind installations less than 10 kW.

Installation of Generation 10kW and Under

Installation of Generation over 10kW